Derek Warren

S9 900 Superlite no 93

Derek Warren 


Age: 57

Hear what Derek has to say:

"I started competing in the British Superlites with my son, James Lewis in the S900’s back at the start of 2018.  Myself, my wife and my Son was so relieved how welcoming the British Superlite family was to us when we joined, especially after coming from a sport where we left so many friends behind.  We are proud to be part of such a great sport where we are made to feel so welcomed.

I started in motorsport at a very young age as a child competing in Karting and won three championships.
I then built up my own mini at the age of 20 moving into a sport called Autograss racing which is an oval dirt sport. I spent 36yrs in Autograss competing at a high level in most of my years in a single seater rear engine rear wheel drive 2car. Building my own engines and chassis in the sport for myself and my son, we finished the sport in venture of something more challenging.

Getting into the British Superlite is an amazing experience for any person and I was amazed by the speed, acceleration and mostly the reliability of these machines. They are well built and strong but still got to have full concentration while competing. All the drivers have full respect for each other on the track and are always willing to come give you a hand if needed in the pits.

These Superlites are without a doubt competitive against any machinery it would be put up against and that’s what makes them so exciting to watch and drive."







S9 Superlite no93.png