James Lewis

S9 900 Superlite No.9

James Lewis 


Age: 34

James started racing Superlites with his Dad, Derek Warren in the S900’s early in 2018. 


In James own words "I was overwhelmed how welcoming the British Superlite community was to me and my family. We are proud to be part of such a great sport and getting to know such great people."

James had competed in Karting and won different types of championships as a young boy locally, whilst waiting to become old enough to start racing in the sport his family grew up in.


James and Derek Warren had been involved in oval dirt racing sport (Autograss), at a high level. James was vice chairman and chief marshal of their League, racing a high powered front wheel drive space framed car, competing at Nationals and winning a UKAC Round.  He wanted a new challenge and knew the British Superlite Championship would be a greater challenge and experience.


James goes on to say "I knew it was not going to be an easy challenge and kept my expectations of taking it one race at a time learning as I went along.  With coming from racing so many years on dirt in a front wheel drive car to racing rear wheel drive on tarmac circuits was a difficult challenge and I was looking forward to it.  It didn’t disappoint, what a thrill. These Superlite machines are not for the faint of hearted, tremendous speed and acceleration. The other drivers are hard, competitive but fair. Always a pleasure to be racing with such great drivers. Always a laugh and good banter off the track too. Every driver is always supportive and will always be willing to help you which was great to see in such a competitive sport."

After competing in Superlites for couple years starting off at the back of the field,  James learnt more at every round about the cars, setup and experience in the seat. Pretty soon James and Derek started making their  way up the grid. Best finish for James was 4th at the Pembrey Circuit in 2019, where he also won driver of the day.

He recently took the Superlite to a Hill Climb called the “Hill Billy Stage” in Wales and got the fastest time, which really shows what these Superlites can do.



James Lewis S9 Superlite collage.png