Joe Palfrey RIP

S6 600 Superlite Legend

Joe Palfrey RIP


Age: 92

This page is dedicated to Joe who sadly passed in 2020. 


Joe is a legend that will never be forgotten by all those in the Superlite community that had the pleasure of racing with him. 


He was already over 80 when he began Supelite racing following the passing of his wife and he continued to take part right up to reaching the ripe old age of 91. 


Superlite Racing gave him a new zest for life as he proved to the rest of us that you are never too old to do anything.  

Joe loved the sport so much that he asked for his ashes to be scattered over 3 Sisters Race Track. It was here in July 2020 that our community came together to help Joe remain forever part of starting line. 


Following his passing the S6 British Superlite series was renamed as the Joe Palfrey S6 Championship. 



Joe Palfrey Memorial - July 2020.jpg