British SuperLite Championship 2022 License News

Licence Info

Once again we are teaming up with Nora 92 to handle our licences for 2022. We are pleased to say that the annual membership & competition licence will remain at £60.

There is also once again the opportunity to add the Personal Accident cover to the annual licence for only £30 and we highly recommend this now after seeing a few of our members benefit from it last year.

The one event licence to cover a weekends racing will still be available for £15 which you can purchase when entering a NoraSport meeting on-line.

This year the competitors race number is a mandatory field, if a number is held by a points scorer from last year the number is reserved until the closing date for entries for the Warm Up round. Duplicated free numbers will be allocated on a first come first served basis, you will be contacted if this happens.

ACU licence application codes will be issued when NoraSport licences are completed.

The link to renew or apply for your licence is now open at

Lets go racing!

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